Our Services

This page must show the existing services, its description, prices, and all details related to them including packages, Therefore, in the beginning this page will have the following:
• Traditional dance: our visitors are entertained with a great variety of Rwanda traditional dance styles:
– Intore and drumming.
– Ikinimba,
– Umushayayo.
– Ibihozo.
– Umushagiriro.
– Urusengo.
– Imbyino y’inka.
– Intwatwa.

• Playing traditional music instruments: our visitors are entertained by a team of professional Rwanda traditional musicians with a dynamic of mixture of music instruments’ voices, combined or one by one separate
• Traditional music: Visitors are given a unique chance to experience live unique voices of the most famous Rwanda traditional songs in our unique environment.
• Farewell cultural dinners: for groups and individuals, willing to have a traditional farewell party, this is our specialty.
• Organize and host special cultural events.